Final full day in Guatemala

The first major event of our day was a trip to La Reina which is a village where Paradise Bound Minostries has constructed many houses and seen many come to know the Lord as Savior. The reason we went there was to witness the signing of the documents that will allow PBM to move forward with the construction of a center to help the youth and families of La Reina grow in the Lord and not in the was of this world. Dan expressed how the Lord is leading PBM to this step and more in the future. This village is close to the hearts of many who have served in Guatemala. We renewed some of the friendships that were established in years past including the relationship with Jennri who is the young boy who came to the USA to receive help in his challenge of being deaf. The joy and fun that we had during the destruction of a Spiderman pinata will be a fond memory for a long time. There were many expressions of Dios les Bendiga as we left.
We then headed to Antigua for a time of shopping which is a time where we can see a different facet of Guatemala. The time for shopping and Flurries at McDonald’s went by quickly but that was good. Returning to the base will allow us to have our final devotion time tonight which promises to be a time of experiencing our Lord in a personal way.
God allowed us to meet people from many different walks of life all in one day. Wow what a diverse world we live in and yet God wants all of us to be His children.

Day 5 Med Clinic 2

Day 4 began with Med Clinic number 2. It was only about 1 3/4 hour drive away, as opposed to yesterday’s drive of 3 1/2! ¬†There were awesome views as we traveled through the mountains with cliffs that dropped 1000’s of feet down right at the edge. Imagine driving up and down those mountain roads in our 12 passenger van! ¬†When we arrived at the village there were many anxious villagers waiting for us. ¬†We brought all the meds in to set up in the church for the clinic and boy the church was a beautiful place. There were really nice electric guitars, a keyboard, and a huge mural on the wall. ¬†The team again split into groups to pass out meds, while others built relationships with the village people. ¬†We found about 3 males in the village spoke some English which made it much easier to communicate today. ¬†After all the meds were distributed, the Jesus film was shown, the team sang some songs, a few gave their testimonies, Pablo gave the message and Hermano Jesus did the alter call. ¬†Many people came forward and it was a time of celebration to our God as they came to know Christ or rededicated their lives to Him. The people of this village were visibly filled with the Holy Spirit, calling out to the Lord with tears running down their faces. It was a beautiful, moving experience to look around the room at those dedicating and rededicating their lives to Christ. ¬†The travels back to the base were uneventful as the vans/drivers did awesome and no one else got sick. ¬†Today we head to Jenri’s village to celebrate his birthday and to pray over the new property for the youth center. Then off to Antigua for a day of shopping in the market. After the market, headed back home to the base for our final devotions as a group together. It is a very important night for the team building relationships, sharing stories, and preparing ourselves for our journey back home. ¬†Pray for safe travels for the team.

Day 4 Med Clinic #1

This was an amazing day! ¬†We got to sleep in a bit and get a little organized in preparation for the long journey to a village in the coastal region. ¬†We packed sandwiches and ate at a gas station along the way. One of the 3 vans had some issues with the front suspension after the stop so we had to drive a bit slower. ¬†Also along the way the air conditioning in one stopped functioning so those folks had a pretty hot ride. ¬†It was interesting, though, to come out of the mountains and see different terrain, beautiful in a different way. ¬†We passed closely by 2 volcanoes, “Agua” and “Fuego” I believe they are called. ¬†The village itself was situated along a river and we carried all the supplies over a tenuous single file bridge. It was a small village but the people were very gracious, although it took a bit for them to warm up to us. ¬†7 of us served to help pass out medications while others played soccer or made necklaces, etc with the villagers. We had some very sweaty and very dirty teenage boys on our team after the soccer “match” as the heat and humidity were intense. The village had a small stone church where the team ate a packed sandwich and set up the equipment to show the Jesus film. Many watched with interest along with team members them we sang a few praise songs at the top of our lungs and several team members gave their testimony, translated by one of our team. Then Hermano Jesus spoke and gave the invitation to rededicate or invite Jesus into their hearts. ¬†It was a powerful, moving, and joyful time. ¬†For the icing on the cake, on the way home, those of us that were awake were treated to an awesome sight, the eruption of Fuego. We could see lots of lava at the top running down the side. Of few of us were sick on the way home, probably due to the intense heat and long (2.5-3 hr.) van ride, and not a bug, hopefully. Pray that those team members are on the mend today and don’t miss out on our day today, a second med clinic, this time in a village here in the mountains, so we will have relief from the heat. ¬†Also please pray for endurance for the team, both physically and spiritually, and that the village is receptive to our message.


Med Clinic #1

Buenos Dias! Good morning to everyone. This morning we anticipate our first medical clinic. As we head out to a coastal village three hours away we first and foremost pray for safe travels and no car sickness on these wild van rides. In addition to safe travels, that God will use us to further his kingdom and that the men, women, and children will be willing to accept Christ into their hearts.

Upon arrival, we’ll get the clinic set up as soon as possible and begin diving into relationships with the people. Much of this is done so by simply playing around and handing out toys, candy, and beenie babies that we’ve brought along.¬†In the med clinic, we will have a nurse identifying what meds need to be given to what families¬†and hand out prescription glasses.

Once all the families pass through the line for meds, the most important part of the night occurs. We will gather everyone in front of a screen to watch the Jesus film. After this comes our personal testimonies. This is a time anyone from the group can share their own faith journey to those in the village so they get a glimpse that faith isn’t a perfect journey all the time. Please pray that those who feel nudged by the Lord will have the courage to stand up at this time and share. After, one of our pastors on staff will share a message that leads into the salvation prayer for all those who want to make their relationship with Christ a personal decision. The group members will lay hands on these people of the village and pray over them as they give their lives over to God. Ultimately, we pray for these lives as it determines whether or not we will see them again in eternity.


Day 3 – Dedication day

Beautiful day for dedication of our casitas to our families and to the Lord. ¬†We started our morning at the top of the mountain looking at God’s glorious volcanoes. ¬†An eager mother was waiting for our vans to pull up and lead us to her newly built house. ¬†As we sang God’s praises there was a feeling of serenity and great expectation. ¬†Through Gods Word and much prayer the entire house gave their lives to Christ.

We then proceeded to the second and third houses. Anya rededicated her life to Christ with the family in the house where she was injured.  What a blessing to be witness of all the families accepting the Lord as their savior.

The day continued with more testimonies from our team and powerful intercessory prayer! We gladly report that all the families in the fourth and fifth houses along with their extended family accepted Christ as their Savior.

Please continue to hold these new and rededicated Christians up in prayer as they share their new faith to their village! To GOD be the glory.